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Centipede Sod

Centipede grass is a great choice for homeowners who want an attractive but lower maintenance lawn. As a native grass of China, centipede was first introduced to the US in 1916. It is well adapted to the sandy, acidic soils of the southeastern United States. Known as a creeping grass that has short stems growing upward and resembling the centipede insect, centipede grass is fairly drought and pest tolerant and when managed properly is aggressive enough to choke out other weeds and grasses. 
  • Used for residential lawns, parks, golf course roughs and utility turf
  • Thick forming and grows uniformly
  • Medium to light green-colored grass
  • Low maintenance and less mowing compared to other grasses
  • Thrives in the full sun, and is slightly shade tolerant
  • Thrives on moderately fertile soils, but tolerates low fertility levels 
  • Well adapted to sandy, acidic soils in the southern states
  • Generally resistant to most insects and diseases
  • When healthy is aggressive and chokes out other weeds
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