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Fescue Sod

Fescue is often referred to as a cool-season grass, though new and improved varieties of fescue are famous for being durable and drought resistant. Fescue can handle a lot of different soil types, and does well in slightly acidic, slightly sandy, and well drained soils – its vigorous root system easily tolerates the Georgia red clay. Because it stands up well to heavy foot traffic and is shade tolerant, Fescue is often a good choice for lawns, golf courses, play areas, and sporting arenas.
  • Thrives in direct sun or shade – stays green all year
  • Stands up to heavy foot traffic
  • Thrives on moderately fertile soils, but tolerates low fertility levels 
  • Prefers slightly acidic and sandy soils - easily tolerates Georgia red clay
  • Generally resistant to most insects and diseases
  • Famous for being durable and drought resistant
  • Used for residential lawns, golf courses, play areas, and sporting arenas
  • Often used for erosion control because of its fast germination
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