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Georgia Sod and Turf:

Want to establish a beautiful, healthy lawn?
Don’t have  time to get your yard looking perfect?

Sod, or turf, is a mature grass held together by underlying roots and soil. Professionally grown and harvested into square slabs, it is the best option for an attractive, low-maintenance yard that can withstand years of use. Gibson Landscape Supply is a quality producer of Georgia turf. At Gibson, we specialize in growing turf on our state-of-the-art farm in south Georgia. Our sod is professionally grown and maintained, ensuring a product that will revolutionize the look of your lawn.


Sod has many benefits!
  • Controls erosion
  • Lower maintenance
  • Virtually weed-free
  • Soft, clean surface
  • Increases home value
  • Can be installed any time
  • Grows in poor soil/on inclines
  • Noise & pollution control
  • Filters dirt and dust 

Seeding vs. Sod:

Traditional grass seeding presents a variety of problems. Georgia’s drought conditions can decimate seeded yards, and the seeds can be blown away by the wind or eaten by birds. If you’re planning to show off that new lawn, expect to wait several weeks before the first blades of grass peek through and months before it can take any normal use.

Sod eliminates the problems of traditional grass seeding. After a year of careful attention and growth on our farm, Gibson’s Georgia turf comes to you at the peak of maturity. With proper care, your sodded lawn can be ready for use in 3 weeks. You also won’t have to wait for the right season for your Georgia sod. Our variety of turfgrasses can be installed any time of year and provide an immediately attractive surface. Virtually weed-free and able to grow on poor soil, turf from Gibson is also a great way to control erosion. When it comes to choosing the best way to establish a thriving green lawn, sod installation beats traditional seeding every time.
Residential sod
You should spend more time enjoying your outdoor space than keeping it looking great. Sod is a excellent choice for busy families who don’t have time to constantly spend time maintaining their yards. Turf provides a soft, clean surface for the outdoor activities. From ballgames to barbeques, a sod lawn is the best place to spend time outside.

Commercial sod
From schools, parks, golf courses, and large businesses to the special needs of athletic fields, Gibson Landscape Supply is equipped to handle the demands of commercial customers. We understand your unique needs  and have the ability to deliver our turf in large quantities. Contact us  for more information about our commercial services.


Care for your new sod the right way! 
  • While watering the sod for the first time, provide 1 inch of water so that the soil under it gets properly wet.
  • For the first week, water your sod two times a day for at least 20 minutes
  • The best time to water your sod is late at night, between 10 pm and 2 am. 
  • When your sod has reached a height of 5 inches, it's ready to be mowed.
  • Avoid fertilizing your sod during the first two months after installation. 

Why Choose Gibson?

We grow the best turf in Georgia on our farm. Because we grow our turf in the heart of Georgia, you can be assured that it will thrive in your yard. Growing locally also prevents our product from drying out due to long transport. 

Using the latest technology and techniques, our sod is grown and harvested by trained professionals, then sold straight to you. We offer a variety of grass types that are specifically adapted to Georgia soil.  

Gibson Landscape Supply is your source for Georgia sod and turf. We handle both residential and commercial clients. Let us handle your yard! 

What type of sod is best for me?

We offer five different varieties of grass types that are suitable for the sandy, acidic Georgia soil. Click on the grass names in the table below to learn more.

Tift 419 Bermuda  Popular for almost any lawn application, this grass survives well in drought conditions and recovers quickly from injury. 
Centipede  This grass type thrives in full sun, requires less mowing than other grasses, and is a good choice for weed control. 
Fescue Often considered a cool-season grass, Fescue stays green all year, tolerates Georgia’s red clay, and is great for heavy traffic.  
Palisades Zoysia  Best in full sun or low shade, Palisades Zoysia is a dense grass that crowds out weeds and is extremely drought-resistant. 
St. Augustine  St. Augustine spreads quickly and thrives in high temperatures. It produces a lush, carpet-like lawn you can grow anywhere. 
Having trouble deciding which type of our sod is best for you? We are happy to answer any of your questions! 

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