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St. Augustine Sod

St. Augustine is a warm season, perennial grass that is widely used in warmer climates along the coast but has moved inland due its ability to produce a thick, lush, carpet-like lawn. Because of its hardiness, St. Augustine is commonly used on residential and commercial lawns, public parks, play areas, and outdoor sporting venues. St. Augustine can grow in a wide variety of soil types, and produces runners that allow it to spread quickly. Though not as drought or cold weather tolerant as other varieties, St. Augustine is perfect for stream banks, lakeshores, and other areas close to water.
  • Can grow in a wide range of soil types
  • Thrives in high temperatures and in moist conditions
  • Forms a think, lush, carpet-like lawn
  • Produces runners, allowing it to grow and spread quickly 
  • Dense growth crowds out most other weeds and grasses
  • Does well in moderate shade, and thrives in full sun
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