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Tift 419 Bermuda Sod

Tift 419 Bermuda is a popular grass for almost any lawn application. Known as very dense and fast growing Bermuda hybrid, Tift 419 Bermuda is sturdy enough for residential and commercial lawns, sporting fields, and golf course fairways. Its ability to quickly recover from injury has made it one of the most popular sporting and playground turfs. Tift 419 will survive droughts with minimal water availability. Its overall low maintenance costs, beautiful dark green color, fine texture, and soft blades make it favorite among southern homeowners.

  • Dense, fast growing, and sturdy enough for all applications
  • Fine texture and soft blades make it a homeowner’s favorite
  • Durable: used for lawns, sporting fields, and golf course fairways
  • Will survive in drought conditions with minimal watering
  • Tolerate high temperatures but recovers quickly from frost
  • Establishes quickly after planting
  • Recovers from injury quickly
  • Overall lower maintenance costs as compared to other turf grasses
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