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Landscaping: Straw

Pine Straw
Affordable, attractive pine straw is a good quality groundcover for large landscaping areas. Slow to decompose, pine needles are easy to work with and also resist compaction. Pine straw is particularly useful around evergreens, berry bushes and other plants that grow best in acidic soils. Its warm, reddish-brown color provides a beautiful contrast against the shades of green found in most natural landscapes.

Wheat Straw
Good for erosion control and moisture conservation, wheat straw is an inexpensive option for many mulching applications. It retains heat well, making it an ideal groundcover to protect tender roots from cold weather damage in the wintertime. It’s also useful in the spring and summer as mulch around vegetable gardens. Be sure to purchase straw rather than hay, as hay can contain a variety of weed seeds and other undesirable debris.
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